Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Table Transformation

"It was one of those March days
when the sun shines hot and the wind
blows cold: when it is summer in the
light, and winter in the shade."
              ~Charles Dickens

   I think the quote above perfectly describes this week! I am longing for spring and that hint of real warmth to come into the air. Not long now I'm sure. :) I wanted to share a project that has been going on for a few weeks now in my house! I found this stunning antique table with beautiful legs and carving in the new year. It was at an antique mall just outside of town and I was with my Mum at the time searching for treasures. We spotted it at the same time and both of our mouths dropped open simultaneously. It was a little worse for wear and we stared at it for a good twenty minutes before agreeing that it could be made into something spectacular with a little work. Well it turned out to be A LOT of work and probably not something we will undertake again in the near future, but for this particular piece I think it was worth it! The table was a very dark walnut to begin with and the top surface was quite worn. With the help of my Dad's heavy duty paint sprayer we transformed it from the dark wood to a creamy white. Now for the hard part! We painstakingly applied Minwax wood stain (ironically in the "dark walnut" shade) over the white paint to give the carving some texture. In the process of applying the stain some of the paint naturally came off giving a very, very light distressed look. When that was finished (and it took days because we are perfectionists) we added a gold gilding wax to highlight the carvings a little more and really give it a French feeling. I am so happy with the finished piece! It takes my breath away! What do you think of the transformation? 

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  1. Oh my it turned out simply magnificent Jennelise....love her new look you and your mom did an outstanding job....

  2. To quote you, it really is a "stunning" piece. The detail of the carvings, the scrollwork, all painstakingly painted/stained by you and your Mom. You two must have the patience of saints! You must have a revolving front door with all the furniture coming in and out of late - hee-hee. Have you figured out where this little darling will come to rest?

  3. It's all Exquisite...sofa, table, rug...ranunculus!

  4. I think it's marvellous! It was quite a find to begin with, but you transformed it into something fit for French Queens! That work that you've put into it really paid off:-)