Thursday, September 29, 2016

Pink Treasures

"I must have flowers,
always, and always."
         ~Claude Monet

   October is upon us but my head is still filled with roses! I love them year round for every season and occasion. I love fresh roses, silk roses, velvet, buds, and painted. They are spilled around my house softening nearly every corner and cupboard. I was lucky during my California trip to find a plethora of pink treasures and I thought today that I would give you the first little peek at what came home with me from paintings and antique china to the tiniest pink pin cushion. I hope you are all having a beautiful fall day! 


  1. Good Evening Jennelise, Oh my goodness me, so many beautiful roses. I have to tell you roses are my favourite flower as well, I absolutely adore them.
    Talking of adoration. I love your little pin cushion, it is so gorgeous.
    What a feast for the eyes.
    Best Wishes

    1. Roses are my favourite too Daphne :) Definitely! Thankyou for stopping by! Take care my friend!

  2. Hi! Love your roses, large and small. Love your itsy bitsy pin cushion. Do you sew? Also, love how you changed the color/stain of the 3-drawer chest. Don't quite know what your process is, but I could probably give you an educated guess as to your method. Although you need a bucketful of patience---am I right or am I right? Thanx for sharing your goodies.

    1. Hello Christine!
      I am not a good sewer no :) I really only sew my flowers and other handmade items. I don't even have a machine! I actually bought this little chest with the the beautiful finish - I didn't have to do a thing to it because it is just perfect! Thankyou as always for your kind words!
      Jennelise xo