Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Romantic Reflections

"I'm so glad I live in a world
where there are Octobers."
         ~L. M. Montgomery
               Anne of Green Gables

  What is that expression? - 'The hurrieder I go the behinder I get!' That has definitely been me for the last couple weeks! I think there needs to be two of me (or three or four!). At some point I suppose you have to decide to just run with the chaos and find some calm from within instead of without. I am pretty sure that with the Christmas season looming (in a good way of course) that things are going to get busier instead of quieter so let's just take a moment to relax and admire something pretty. As promised I have photographed a few of my recent finds. I am somewhat addicted to antique mirrors. I know that they aren't terribly feng shui but I can't live without them! To me they are the jewelry of a room and I have found a couple lately that are truly unique and gorgeous! 


  1. Small wonder time is running away from you. You're a 24/7 shopper physically and mentally. Yes, even when you're snoozing, you're dreaming of antique sugar plums. Your mirror finds are amazing. Wish I could find similar treasures in my area. Guess I'll settle for shadowing you while you continuously shop - mentally, of course! Congrats and enjoy!

    1. Hahaha well I won't lie and say that I don't dream about spectacular vintage finds when I go to sleep! :) Searching for treasures is definitely one of my most favourite things to do! Thankyou as always for your sweet comments!
      Jennelise xo

  2. The past 4 years I have missed Christmas. I allowed my schedule to become so full, let too much worry and stress take up way too much of my time. Ever noticed when you get on a stress or worry bender, how much time you spend just sitting, paralyzed, running all of those thought and worries through your head? In all of my needing to get this and that done, needing to go to this party or that party, I have found myself on Christmas Eve day at my computer, getting shopping completed and making sure I can get next day delivery! Christmas cookies have gone unbaked, Christmas cards have gone unsent, dates for coffee and a Christmas treat with 89 yr.old next door neighborhood have passed me by and I have awakened on Christmas morning ANGRY, because this was all there was! Two separate Christmases I developed pneumonia, once on Christmas Eve, the other on December 27th! This year, I'm finished with the Christmas crunch. I'm doing all of those things that make Christmas, "Christmas". My Christmas shopping is (almost finished!) meningful and minimal, my November and December weekend calendars have two full weekends blocked parties, no dinners; just my husband and me, doing want we want. I WILL trim the trees with my husband this year, and I WILL have my 3 grandsons ages 10, 8 and 6 over to bake cookies with Glamma and I WILL send Christmas cards, even some with notes to those who have made and still make my life lovely. I wrote all of this down, used a red Sharpie to block out our weekends and read my plans to my husband and made him pinky swear with me that I will not compromise my schedule and that he has my permission to lock me inside of the house should I even look like I'm about to do something. Merry Christmas!