Thursday, March 16, 2017

Georgianna Lane's Paris in Bloom

"Flowers always make people 
better, happier, and more helpful;
they are sunshine, food and medicine
for the soul." 
           ~Luther Burbank

   If you haven't been introduced to the stunning photography of Georgianna Lane you have been missing out on some of the most beautiful floral and Parisian images you will ever see! Her new book Paris in Bloom is a floral fantasy exploring the journey of flowers from the riotous gardens and tree-lined streets of Paris to artfully arranged shop windows, hotels, paintings, and architectural marvels that seem to worship the beauty of nature at every turn. Visit her two Etsy shops Georgianna Lane Photography and Parisian Moments to purchase prints, canvases, calendars, and stationery featuring her stunning work. Here is a little peek at my new favourite book Paris in Bloom... 


  1. Oh, I must get this book. The images are stunning. I didn't know she had an Etsy shop. I am heading that way right after this.

    Your photos belong in a book too my friend. They are magnificent to look at.



  2. Dearest Jennelise, Merci beaucoup for this beautiful post!! I blame my travel schedule on not seeing it until now – please forgive me and don't think I am ungrateful as I truly am! I know you understand this book as it was created for YOU and everyone who loves beautiful, Paris and flowers. I love the photos and the styling. Thank you again so very much! xxx

    1. No worries at all my friend! I adore your book and I had to blog about it :) Thankyou so much for your beautiful work!
      Jennelise xo