Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Spring Chintz

"No winter lasts forever;
no spring skips its turn."
              ~Hal Borland

   I have been under the weather for what feels like weeks and am definitely starting to wish that winter would end! Spring is really just around the corner though. I am dreaming of flowers in the house, wearing filmy blouses and toeless shoes again, the sound of birds in the morning outside my bedroom, and the return of colour to the world. The shops are starting to anticipate the changing season too and I can't wait to see what beautiful new decor they will have. One of my favourite shops is Chintz & Co which is actually a home decor and interior design shop here in the city where I live. I have a few special pieces from them in my home (and my eyes on a few more including those gorgeous Regina Andrews lamps I shared in my inspiration board post) and all of my wedding flowers came from there because they have the most beautiful collection of silk flowers you have ever seen! Sometimes I go there just for inspiration - especially since I am in my new home now and we are redecorating quite a bit. My Mum is my partner in crime when it comes to treasure hunting and she and I decided to see if spring had arrived at Chintz yet. Here is a peek at what we found and a few of the things that particularly inspired me. 

Oh the peonies...*sigh*

This incredible duvet cover and the gorgeous headboard! 

I love everything about this pink velvet sofa.

A soft blue bureau had me swooning...

Magenta! (The very bottom right is my favourite)

So many beautiful flower arrangements...

A very elegant chest

French style is my favourite! 

Incredible mirrored bureau! 

Milk glass chandelier and neutral artwork 

I already have a beautiful kitchen set but my Mum absolutely fell in love with these chairs! 

So many things to love! The bed, the mirrors, the velvet chair!! 

Ornate floral noir style

There's that exquisite headboard again! -And my beautiful Bella Notte Olivia lace throw in white. 

Pillows that look more like paintings! 

I would feel like a princess in this setting! 

So much colour here right now! 

And last of all this serene lady. Thanks for sharing my inspiring stroll with me. What was your favourite?


  1. OOOh !!! Your pictures are gorgeous! How I would love to look around that shop, there is nothing remotely like that where I live in the UK. Pictures 1,2,4,11 and 19 are some of my favourites - difficult choice :-)

    1. You and I have very similar taste :) There are very few really gorgeous stores in my city too. This is one of the only home decor shops that has some of the romantic style that I love. Thankyou for visiting my post!
      Jennelise xo

  2. Oh my, I love everything!! I also live in the UK, we can just dream!!

    1. Thankyou! I dream about visiting the UK all the time! :)
      Jennelise xo

  3. It's ALL absolutely gorgeous!! I was almost drooling looking at it! Would love to spend half a day in a store like that!

    Thanks for sharing.


  4. I would be in one never-ending "SIGH" in that lovely store! I'm with your Mum, those dining chairs are beautiful. My table is quite similar to the one in the picture and those chairs would be perfection. That blue velvet chair, "SIGH", I must have that. Thank you for bringing the treats today.

    1. I am longing for something in velvet - there are so many pretty pieces around lately! Thankyou for stopping by! :)
      Jennelise xo