Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Snow

"When the snow falls the flakes
spin upon the long axis
that concerns them most intimately
two and two to make a dance."
         ~William Carlos Williams

   We were so sure that spring was on the way, and then the other day we woke up to grey skies and pouring rain. We didn't let it stop us from going out (after all there are wedding preparations to be made rain or shine!), and came home wet but with a few more things checked off our list. Suddenly right around supper time I happened to look out our kitchen window and what did I see...gigantic white snowflakes falling in curtains and covering the trees. In the space of a few minutes it went from spring rain to a magical narnia-like winter wonderland. So naturally my sister and I reverted to our childhood and ran outside in our pj bottoms and winter coats to enjoy the big fluffy snowflakes! I just happened to bring my camera with me (grin) so that you could enjoy our spring snow with us! The next day Emma did a little doodle in her notebook about our snowy evening which I have also included (without her knowledge). Enjoy!


  1. Gorgeous pics (brrrhhh) and l love the little drawing.

  2. What a charming post, Jennelise! Exhilaration, exhuberance; sheer joy. Childlike wonder. Snowflakes. You captured it beautifully! I hope you had as much fun as your sister, because sometimes the photographer as observer forgets to have her own fun! (But, wait! The drawing says it all - TWO dancing girls, not just one?!) Sister love; what a thing to cherish!

  3. Okay, I got it all wrong! That's you in the solid-color pj pants, and your sister in the patterned ones. You two looked like you were having the best fun EVER. I'm envious; I've never lived in snow like that, and can't imagine what it smells, feels or looks like!

  4. Haha! Yes I am there :) Snow can be fun but in my opinion so can sunshine and flowers! Oh well - we obviously made the best of it! Happy Spring wherever you might be!

  5. I love snow but it is time for yours to go away and become spring for you all soon.

    It is 80 degrees here today.

    It was 29 degrees 2 nights ago.

    WEIRD WEATHER for sure!

  6. Looks like such a fun time, great photos! So beautiful...and a sweet sketch by your sister.
    Hope things are melting by now for you...
    We had some snow showers this strange wih everything gorgeous, green, and blooming at the same time!
    - Irina