Thursday, May 31, 2012

Basia Zarzycka

"Love of beauty is taste.
The creation of beauty is art."
           ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

    A very quick post in a few spare moments! I am surrounded by a flurry of activity - only one day left until the wedding and it seems we are all in constant motion! I am excited, nervous, busy, and even a little sad because my baby sister is starting a new life away from me! Of course I am happy too and ready to celebrate and rejoice with her. We all have our wedding finery ready and waiting to be worn on the special day. Here are some photos of the beautiful designer bridal and formal items by Basia Zarzycka for you to peruse and covet. If I were lucky enough to wear a piece from Basia's collection I would definitely feel like a princess!


  1. Hi Jennelise,
    Every piece is very special and so gorgeous!
    Congratulations to your baby sister and may God bless you!
    XO ~Wendy

  2. Sparkling and spectacular!

    Congratulations and Blessings to your darling sister and entire family!
    Can't wait to see your gorgeous pictures of the joyous day...
    - Irina

  3. Love the pretty broach & the drop earring are to die for! Good luck & have fun at your sister's wedding.

    Country Style Chic