Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wedding Things

"One is happy as a result of one's
own efforts...Happiness is no vague
dream, of that I now feel certain."
                 ~George Sand

   Five days until the wedding - It is very likely that I won't be able to post this week! So much to do in such a short space of time! I don't think anyone realizes how much work a wedding takes until you have to plan one - my family certainly didn't! I know it will be beautiful though. I had an hour this morning so I took some pictures to share with you. Our dining room is absolutely covered with wedding things ready to be taken to the church where my sister's reception will be. Decorations, centerpieces, miles of tulle, ribbons, flowers, crystal - there is barely room to walk! Much of it is packed carefully in boxes, but I managed to take a few pictures of some pretty things, and then I went outside into the sunshine and took some pictures of our garden plants which will be part of our decorations too. I also finally photographed a few pages from the wedding inspiration book I made and have mentioned a few times now. I hope you enjoy the pictures and that there will be many more to share this time next week!


  1. You're doing great with all these wedding dtails. It truly will be beautiful. Hope you can relax a bit before the big bath with lots of bubbles. I've done a ton of weddings over the years for family, friends and a whole lot of people I didn't even know. And they all seem to turn out wonderful and so will this one you are doing. Jennelise you have the natural talent and ability to make everything you touch absolutely gorgeous. And this is no acception. Looking forward to seeing photos.

  2. oh my! everything is exquisite... I can only imagine how divine your sister's wedding will be! She is lucky to have such a caring and talented sister to help out :) Can't wait to see more pics... but don't forget to stop and enjoy the moment.

  3. Oh, Jennelise, everything is so beautiful!! I know the wedding will be stunning! Are those peonies in the first pictures? They are taking my breath away. Thank you for stopping by Bunny Cottage for a visit and for your kind comments. Blessings to you~Vicki

  4. Hi Jennelise,
    What scrumptious photos! I'm sure the wedding will be like a fairy tale. Thank you for taking the time to share the photos and to visit me. Enjoy your day.


  5. Oh Jennelise, it is all so exciting! Thank you for the peek of the wedding idea book, so fun to see...and GORGEOUS ideas!
    Those peonies look (My favorite flowers and a quote from my favorite writer...) :)
    Enjoy and don't forget to take some time for YOU!
    - Irina