Saturday, June 23, 2012

China Collection

"I feel so intensely the delights of
shutting oneself up in a little world
of one's own, with pictures and
music and everything beautiful."
                ~Virginia Woolf

    My Mother has always loved china. She collected little English pieces of fine bone china when I was a very little girl. I remember when she first discovered French china and then Prussian, Austrian, and Bavarian. She loved them instantly and they became something that she treasure hunted for in flea markets and antique stores. Her china collection is a part of my childhood and something that will always make me think of her. As I grew up I wanted to have my own collection and together we oohed and aaahed at shows and markets when we found a particularly pretty piece. I loved it the first time my Mum said we were rescuing these pretty pieces - that they were special because many of them came from places that don't exist anymore such as Prussia which hasn't existed since the 1940's! I wanted to show you a little bit of our combined china collections. As I was photographing some of my own pieces I realized that the ones that mean the most to me, that are my very favourites, are the ones my Mum gave to me. I believe that I will always look at beautiful china filled with pink roses and little loops of gold and think first before anything else of my Mother.

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Drawing by Jennelise Rose


  1. Oh Jennelise, your china is beautiful and I know you treasure each piece.

    Jan ♥

  2. Jennelise, your china is so lovely. I was going to mention a favorite, but they are all so pretty I gave up on a favorite. How sweet that you have such lovely reminders of your mother.

    By the way, I love your drawing.


  3. Goodness you have such beautiful china!! I have several of the same pieces you do. Like your mother I have been collecting for years- they always had to be reasonably priced though as the pocket book was always tight. I loved it I would find a Prussia piece for a few dollars or a Austria dish for quarter. Several have flea bites but I love them still! I wish I could take as beautiful pictures of my china as you do- do you have any hints?

    bee blessed

  4. Your china is gorgeous.... enjoyed it so much.. It was like shopping I was in a trance and lifted away to another place. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful pictures and china.. Hugs, Cindy

  5. Oh my- Your collection is just beautiful! I admire those who find such gorgeous china and display them. I am so totally out of room for accessory pieces- I have to rotate after storing them in closets. LOL And if I don't label things, they are lost for months! Thanks for visiting from Beverly's party. ~ Sue

  6. You have the beautiful collections..

    Visiting for Pink Saturday- hope you can stop by..

  7. Oh, Jennelise, how gorgeous! Such a swoon-worthy post filled with luscious pinks and china! My favourite kind of post. Thanks for sharing and for your visit. Happy Pink Saturday!


  8. Alright, I am officially jealous. Your collection is STUNNING! Love love love it! Happy Pink and have a terrific week!

  9. what gorgeous fine china, so pretty and dainty. It is getting harder and harder to find the fine china like you have. Love it, enjoy and thank you for sharing...

  10. Thankyou all so much for your lovely words! I'm glad you enjoyed the photos - and that there are so many who share my love for china!!! It's true that it is harder to find these days. I love to hear from everyone! Have a wonderful evening!

  11. Very sweet, and oh so beautiful. What a wonderful collection you have. I love that Virginia Woolf quote too!

  12. Always so breathtakingly gorgeous Jennelise! XO Christie

  13. I love your collection - I have one very similar that has been passed onto from my grandmother & I have collected myself over the years!


  14. WOWZA!!!

    So much eye candy all in one place!

    Beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!


  15. That china set is amazing. My mom is holding on to s set for me from my grandmother. It's beautiful, and they hold so many memories for the person that owns them. It's nice.