Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Little Glimpse

"in your uncharted journeys
i somehow knew you would visit me
              if only for an hour"
                       ~Kylie Johnson

    You may remember these two drawings from past posts. I have decided to offer them for sale! If you are interested you can contact me through my etsy store or facebook page (link on the side). The pink ballgown I drew for the post "Movie Costumes" when my sister and I went to the exhibit of film costumes at our local museum. It is the ballgown that Emmy Rossum wears in Phantom of the Opera. The second drawing I was inspired to do when I saw a beautiful photograph of a designer dress hanging from a drippy crystal light fixture. Both drawings are done in copic fineliner pen, copic markers, pastels, and detailed with silver and 18k gold pens. As an advance preview offer for my blogging and facebook friends I am selling these as a pair for $35.00! - in a week I will add these two originals as a pair on my etsy store for $50.00.

Also for fun here is a little glimpse of some random photos I took this week of my bedroom (looking a little less tidy than usual) and me drawing at the dining room table.


  1. Beautiful pieces of art Jenny! I of course pinned that dress of Emmy Rossum's in a red hot second. I think it's one of my favorite pins of all time.
    What a beautiful bedroom and world you've created for yourself. I love everything! Vanna

  2. Che bella questa camera!Meravigliosa!Rosetta

  3. I love these drawings, Jennelise! I well remember that dress from Phantom – what a dream. And your room is such a romantic boudoir. Hope you have a lovely Sunday! – g

  4. Beautiful blog and so rpmantic dresses on your drawings!

    Regards Janny

  5. Hi Jennelise! Your drawings are just gorgeous! As are your room views you showed us! All the lace and roses, etc. Pretty! Pretty! Have a great week! Gina

  6. Jennelise, these drawings are beautiful

  7. Gorgeous artwork! You are so very talented!