Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pink Glass

"Cool rain
   soft and watery breath
spelling words on the windows
    and my fingertips
The lilacs on the table
                at my pink dreams."

   I have recently started to collect pink glass. I only have a few pieces but I think that it is so pretty! I have a small little compote and some depression glass dishes that I sit on my vanity and also a little miniature vase. Some of the pictures I have taken are of beautiful pink glass that is in the antiques store where I work. Depression glass comes in a few different colors but the pink (which is more of a peachy color) is my favorite. It was made during the Great Depression in the US and Canada and is extremely collectible now. I of course just like it because it is pink!

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  1. Hi Jennelise,
    Your pink glass collection is very lovely!

  2. Jen,

    Your pictures are so beautiful and feminine, I sigh every single time I visit your incredible blog.

    Thank you for always sharing such loveliness with us all, truly.


    1. Thankyou so much Michele! It is always lovely to hear from you! You make me feel wonderful :)

  3. How pretty and dainty!

    Happy Pink!

    ♥ Regina

  4. I love your pink glass, so light and pretty.
    Your pictures are always so romantic, thanks for sharing.

  5. Soft, romantic and PINK what's not to like.
    Joyce M

  6. What lovely photos! The pink glass is very elegant looking, I especially like that small compote. Very cute! Have a great rest of your Sunday. Gina

  7. This is absolutely beautiful!!!

  8. You do take the most beautiful photos! *sighs*

    And your growing collection of Depression Glass is gorgeous! I'm with Gina... I *love* the compote!♥


    1. Thankyou! My Mum found the compote for me - i love the shade of pink :) Take care!

  9. So gorgeous, dear Jennelise! And I am loving that milk glass too...
    A beautiful poem...keep writing! Hopping over to your Etsy, I've been away too long! :)
    Hope all is well in your world...
    - Irina

  10. You have a beautiful collection. I love pink glass too. take care. Darlene

  11. Jenny I actually can't believe you hadn't already had a pink glass collection because it seems sooo YOU! *winks* Love all your pretty pinks, especially those depression cups and saucers. Vanna

  12. What a beautiful collection of glass - such a delicate colour & gorgeous photography as usual!


  13. Hi Jen....

    It's all lovely! I've seen lots of your gorg photos floating around on FB and Pinterest lately:-))

  14. I discovered your blog through Pinterest and enjoy every one of your pictures and sweet inspiration. Love your pink glass and the way you shot them. I collect pink glass too and would like to have yours :-)
    xoxo from PARIS

  15. Jennelise, your collection of pink glass is gorgeous! I only have a few pieces but I collect it too. Your images are so very pretty! Thanks for sharing and I hope you're having a lovely week.


  16. My mother tried to explain Depression glass to me over the years but I wasn't terribly interested. Things changed as I began to have a better appreciation for "vintage." She would tell me how much pleasure it would give her mother to get a little something for nothing at a time when people could barely afford to eat. I guess you'd buy a box of this or that, with the incentive being the free glass item. Grandma eventually amassed a collection of the pink "Rose 'O Sharon" pattern. After my grandmother died, it was all given to another two nieces who did not appreciate it and unloaded it to others outside of the family, for which my mom had to fight to forgive because she would have loved to have had the collection, first for herself and then for me, as it was such a big part of her childhood and memories of "home." All she could come up with on her own were a few authentic pieces picked up at a secondhand store or estate sale. She felt the pink glass was always the prettiest of all the colors of glass which were sold to the homekeepers (I've seen a lot of the green but I think red was popular, and wasn't there a blue?). I do have one cake plate which belonged to my other grandmother, also pink Depression glass; it's so lovely, only brought out for special occasions by her (I don't know the name of the pattern). An aunt gave me her set of Franciscanware Desert Rose, a very common line now made even years later but in Britain instead of Los Angeles (California, U.S.A.), and the pink Depression glass goes so nicely with the soft pink/pale greens of the earthenware dishes and cups. What's nice about collecting colored glass in a same or similar hue is how it can all meld...for instance, I found some pretty pale pink serving bowls (glass) made in France, so I can set the table with those, the Depression glass, other pink glass I have, all mixed up yet going perfectly together. Good luck with your continuing hunt for fetching pink's so much fun to collect. I know a guy who only collects the teal/turquoise pieces of Roseville pottery and it looks stunning in a mahogany cabinet he has in a den.