Saturday, April 13, 2013

Antique Desk

"You know that place between sleeping 
and awake, that place where you can still 
remember dreaming?"
                         ~J. M. Barrie

    What do we do on grey days? Days when the sun hides away and the wind is cold and you can't help feeling a little melancholy? Do you get lost in your dreams? Spend a moment wondering about other places with bright skies and soft light. Read a story. Stare at a beautiful picture. Can you find yourself in the spaces around you even when your heart is a bit low? Doing what I love - creating, discovering, beautifying - always helps me come back to myself no matter how dreary the day. This is my little french desk and it is full of pretty things I love. There are treasures in all the little boxes and in every drawer. Maybe soon I'll give you a peek inside them - but for now here is a little look at one of my dreaming spaces... 


  1. Gasp! Sigh . . . what an exquisite piece of furniture. What amazing detailed work. Where did you purchase this desk? I, myself, would only stumble upon something so beautiful when I'm not looking - just browsing. And there it would stand - mine for the taking! It would have my name all over it. The 2 large boxes underneath your desk - I have the exact same ones. Love them and all my little treasures that I change out from time to time. If, by chance you would care to share your little treasures, that's all well and good. As for me, I will take your advice (and quote) "spend a moment wondering about" what is inside each and every one of them. More fun using my imagination. Thank you again for sharing your heartfelt possessions.

    1. Hello! Thankyou for stopping by and for your lovely comment Christine! I purchased this desk at an antique mall in a small nearby town during a day's outing with my family. I "stumbled" upon it as you said! I love it when that happens! Rounding the corner and seeing something lovely just sitting there waiting for you is so much fun! I love boxes too in fact it is a bit of an addiction :) I will definitely be sharing the treasures from the middle drawer in the next month or so. I can hardly wait to show everyone what is inside! haha! Thankyou again and have a wonderful week!

  2. Hi Jennelise!
    You always post the most beautiful photos. Your desk is gorgeous and thank you for sharing.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! One of the things that I love about your style is that you don't paint all of those fabulous pieces of furniture white. With the light tones and pastel colors in your home, those unpainted pieces just make everything "pop"! Just amazing!

    1. Hello Stacy! Lovely to hear from you! I love painted furniture I really do but there are some pieces that are just so beautiful in their original finish it would be a crime to cover them! I like a little variety anyway :) It's kind of what antiquing and the love of old things is all about. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. What a gorgeous and romantic desk!
    Lovely and dreamy as always...
    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful world, dear friend...
    The sun is nowhere in sight where we live, and more snow is on the way...
    Oh well...more time to dream, I guess! :)
    - Irina

  5. Beautiful desk, beautiful place!
    You are so romantic soul! Love the ambience you create at your home.
    Hugs from Warsaw:)))))

  6. It is a beautiful antique magnificently enhanced by your photography!!! So romantic and refined.
    And Thank you very for your compliment about my new painting ✿.
    Joyeux printemps chère jennelise

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