Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring Flowers

"Can words describe the fragrance
of the very breath of spring?"
               ~Neltje Blanchan

     I popped into a grocery store yesterday to get something for lunch and there were beautiful bouquets of tulips sitting in pails everywhere! I tried to ignore them and I couldn't! Two little bundles had to come home with me. I cut them and put them in a tall stemmed crystal glass. I love how they have brightened the house - especially since the view from the windows has been a little grey and even (horror of horrors) a bit snowy. Oh well. Somewhere there are tulips growing and they have come to stay with me...


  1. Hi Jennelise, What a perfect color! You're right – it's so hard to resist the spring flowers and why should we? Beautiful photos, too. Have a lovely, flower-filled week! xo (and no more snow!)

  2. Так нежно! Очень красивые фотографии! Спасибо!

  3. I hear you, dear friend...just yesterday we had more snow...eek...
    But I think it was the last of that...(I hope!!) :)
    What a gorgeous and unique way you display these breathtaking tulips...love....
    Tomorrow is the day I present your work of art to my sister...YAY!!!
    And Happy Birthday soon to yours! :)
    Love and hugs,
    - Irina

  4. Your article is very interesting Beautifull photos and great blog to read thank you

  5. Sorry you are still having such yucky weather. Here we are complaining of heat, ...90 degrees yesterday! and it's just May!!!
    So I'll stop, smell the roses and enjoy this beautiful weather.
    Hope it gets better for you soon, the tulips are lovely. Only you could make them even more so.

  6. Its true that flowers spread happiness around them..., flowers for love..great!!