Monday, February 24, 2014


"Snow was falling,
so much like stars
filling the dark trees
that one could easily imagine
its reason for being was nothing more
than prettiness."
           ~Mary Oliver

    It has been very cold the last two days and the snow has been falling. There are huge drifts of white circling the house and turning it into a snug fortress. Some days I can handle the cold and I want to be out braving it with a fluffy scarf around my neck and a glint in my eyes that says, "Of course I'm out! I'm Canadian! Winter won't stop me!". Other days, like today, I dislike opening the door even a crack to get the mail. I'd rather be British today and sit cozy and warm with a cup of tea. The day inside means that I have been hard at work though! I have continued my Winter White themed photoshoot with some more little vignettes that I hope you will enjoy! I have also added some pretties to the Etsy Shop including four new Gillyflowers! Have a look and hopefully wherever you are you are warm and having a happy week!




  1. So many lovely pretty things Jennelise and your photos are beautifully light and bright even in the dark of Winter.....stay warm and cosy and have a great rest of your week.

  2. I adore your wonderful soft romantic pictures, sooo pretty, love the picture with the pearls and the pretty with lace and roses...Would love to know the name of your font, it is so pretty, if you could let me know I would be so greatful...thanks again for sharing

    1. Hello!
      Thankyou for your lovely compliments! I think the font is called "dancing script". :) Take care!

  3. Hello, Jennelise Rose! Here in Brazil is very hot ...
    dream in the snow and meet your parents, love your blog do not comment much for not speaking your language, Today I used google translator. Viviane kisses

  4. You have so lovely and pretty treasures! Love them all! Have a nice days! xoxo

  5. Ah...your weather sounds just like ours in Minnesota...a white winter wonderland...
    Your world is so gorgeous, dear Jennelise....pure bliss... :)
    Thank you for sharing the beauty, and you too stay warm and cozy, sweet friend!
    - Irina

  6. Absolutely beautiful post - Jennelise style. Also, congrats on your feature article in Simply Shabbilicious mag! I'm very proud of you. You rock softly, girl, but you rock!

  7. Your beautiful posts and photos always transport us to a magical place... yes, it is all white and cold outside - but here in Blogland, you have created a magical place for us to visit! Exquisite. Wishing for Spring here in Minnesota as well.... xoxo Mercedes

  8. You are so talented. Your photos are truly magical. I can sit here looking at your photos for hours. They are such a pleasure to look at. I am so happy for you. Congratulations on such an honor. You truly deserve it.

  9. Estoy fascinada con estas fotografias. Creo que mirarlas, sacan lo mejor de mi interior. Felicidades.

  10. Beautiful shots. Thanks so much for visiting my blog!