Thursday, February 20, 2014

Winter White

"The first of all single colours is
white....We shall set down white 
for the representative of light,
without which no colour can be seen..."
                ~Leonardo Da Vinci

   It could be said that white is a Winter colour - the colour of snow, cloudy sky, frosty breath misting from chilled lips, whipped cream puffing up from steaming cups of cocoa... To me though white is the colour of every season. It is both soft and bright, warm and cold, blank like an untouched canvas and filled with riotous inspiration. I love the different shades of white - everything from the crisp white of ice, to the softer egg shell, warm creams and ivories. My home has many different shades of white displayed in it! These are some photos inspired by my love of white and cream in my home. The beautiful lace wedding gown is vintage and was recently donated to me by a wonderful friend who thought I could salvage some of the lace for my projects. It is such a gorgeous gown I had to photograph it before I put it to any other use! What are your favourite white treasures? 

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  1. Eu também amo branco, é uma cor delicada e romântica, tenho camisas vintage e colares de pérolas, que são minhas paixões branco.

  2. Beautiful photos! And I have to be honest, I can't wait for winter's cold beauty to give way to Spring's fresh warmth! Would love for you to share at Fridays Unfolded!


  3. Your whites are just gorgeous as is your photography! Love the quote too--beautiful post!

  4. Very beautiful photos! And the pink, velvet rose with moss ribbons is breathtaking. I'm assuming you made it.. White is the perfect color...


  5. Amazing, romantic and fine photos! I just love your flowers and lace patterns.xoxo

  6. Gorgeous!
    Have you thought about submitting your photos and art to Romantic Homes magazine? :)