Friday, December 23, 2016

Almost Christmas

"For centuries men have kept
an appointment with Christmas.
Christmas means fellowship,
feasting, giving and receiving,
a time of good cheer, home." 
                  ~W. J. Tucker

   It's almost Christmas and I can't wait for the festivities to begin! The anticipation is half the fun though and sitting around the Christmas tree with the lights twinkling and that familiar magical feeling of childhood lingering in the air is perhaps more special to me than anything else. I've gone to extra lengths this year to make sure that all of my gifts are wrapped as beautifully as possible. Pink and gold are my colours of choice and I hope you enjoy these few pictures of the presents I have wrapped for my family. Wishing you a beautiful Christmas! 


  1. Beautiful I love your blog.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful and beautiful. I am afraid that whatever was in the box would never find its way out- they are too pretty to unwrap. Merry Christmas, sweet Jennelise! xo Diana

  3. Outstanding as usual! I like the gold paper doily on the side of one of your packages - nice touch. But then again, everything in this post is absolutely charming. A lot of thought and work went into all your packaging. A labor of love, I'd call it. Merry Christmas!