Monday, December 12, 2016

French Christmas

"Christmas is the day that
holds all time together." 
               ~Alexander Smith

   Less than two weeks till Christmas! I am caught up in the busy flurry and finally feeling a little better. Thankyou so much for all of your get well wishes! This year my Christmas decorations are very pastel. The tree is cream, blush, and pale gold and there are touches of blush pink everywhere. The pictures for today are of my family room decorations including my tree. I also wanted to share a spectacular vintage find from back in the Fall - the most beautiful French cabinet! I literally stopped breathing when I saw it in a consignment shop in September. I have filled it with a few of my favourite limoges pieces. I hope you are all enjoying the season! 


  1. Jenn, you've done it again! Came up with your "spectacular vintage find", the French cabinet. I, too,literally stopped breathing when I saw your photos (a consignment shop of all places). When I finally came up for air, I still couldn't believe your fantastic find! What a beauty! Enjoy it during the holidays and always. Merry Christmas.
    P.S. Now get well and stay well!!!

  2. It is just gorgeous! That curio cabinet is just a beautiful old piece. Lovely all the way around. xo Diana

  3. Hi Love the pearl tree. I have pearl strands on my tree as well but see some strands that look like they are fused together on your tree. Where did you find those? Very pretty I'd like to add those to my tree too.

  4. This is beautiful!!! I love your French Christmas style!