Thursday, June 23, 2011


"If you're wearing lingerie that makes you
feel glamorous, you're halfway there to turning heads."
                                 ~Elle Macpherson

      This month has been all about bridal beauty - everything from beautiful gowns and bridesmaids dresses, flowers, jewels and adornments, gifts, handmade accessories, and all of the things that make a wedding especially lovely! I wanted to do a post on beautiful lingerie not just because it is something that brides tend to think about, but because lingerie is so utterly feminine and significant in its ability to make a woman feel beautiful and confident within herself. I remember when I was a teenager my Mum used to talk about elegant ladies of past eras who  surrounded themselves with beauty in every detail - even in the places where it might only be seen by themselves. It was a matter of the utmost importance to them and something which I am trying to emulate in my own life! Details are more often than not more beautiful than the grandest show.

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