Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Delusions of Grandeur

"They say that Hope is happiness---
But genuine Love must prize the past;
And Memr'y wakes the thoughts that bless:
They rose the first - they set the last."
                     ~George Gordon, Lord Byron

    I found the most beautiful blog not long ago and have been waiting to share it with you. It is so fantastic! It is called Delusions of Grandeur and showcases one of the most incredible collections of antique and vintage pieces that I have seen. There is a decidedly French and European atmosphere to this lovely lady's home and each post is more spectacular than the last. I chose just a few of my most favorite photos to wet your appetite before you go and visit her.  I absolutely LOVE the desk in the first picture! Have fun! (P.S. I have also included a little drawing of mine that I thought went well with these pretty pictures)

                                                      Drawing by Jennelise


  1. Gorgeous and what a fabulous illustration. You should sell prints of your work on Etsy :)

  2. So glad you found Vanna. She is so sweet, and has a beautiful home. Thanks for dropping by, and for the compliment.

  3. Oh Jennelise I am so honored to be featured on your beautiful blog! I adore your drawings!! I'm beside myself with happiness to have found a kindred! What a confection for the soul! I've read your entire blog from start to now and sooo enjoyed it! Thank you so much! I'm adding you to my blog list and I would really love it if you would add me too *winks* Vanna

  4. P.S. Peonies are my favorite flower!

  5. hi Jennelise, love your drawings !
    and your blog its beautiful too :)


  6. Thankyou so much for your comments and for visiting! Your kindness means so much to me! Of course I will put you on my blog list Vanna! I meant to when I did the post :) You are there now. Thanks again for sharing your beautiful things and I am very touched that you read through my blog. Peonies and roses are my absolute favorites!
    P.S. I am considering opening an Etsy store in the future so stay tuned!

  7. Beautiful blog, beautiful art. You should not only seriously consider opening an Etsy store, but fashion design as well. Your style is most alluring.

  8. Dear Jennelise, hello!

    I am so thankful to you for joining my blog. I am EXTRA thankful for the introduction to yours!!! Wow, what gorgeousness! You are an incredible artist, just beautiful.
    Love the content, love the images, I'm excited to be following you posts.
    P.S. Peonies are my absolute favorite flowers. I was actually going to use the peonies background, but I couldn't get them to show up enough:)
    Wishing you a lovely day!
    - Irina

  9. Hi jennelise!
    You must be sick to death of my house by now *winks* but thank you so much for your kind comment on my living room. Once again you put a smile on my face! And I'm anxiously awaiting your etsy store! Vanna