Thursday, September 29, 2011

French Treasures

"Be faithful to your own taste because
nothing you really like is ever out of style."
                              ~Billy Baldwin

   Crazy week as usual but today is my day off and I wanted to do a post about some beautiful things! Thankyou to everyone who left comments about the Movie Costumes - I'm so glad that you enjoyed the photos! I had so much fun taking them and the exhibit was so lovely I was very excited to share it! Today I have taken photos of some of the treasures in my house that revolve around my favorite style - French! I find that french furniture, ornaments, and accessories are the most beautiful and feminine that a girl can find. They have an elegance and softness that appeals to me so much and when I see them I automatically feel at home. I have also done a new little drawing that I thought fit with the whimsical side of French interiors. I hope you enjoy these few French treasures and find time to relax and enjoy the beautiful autumn afternoons.

                                                   Drawing by Jennelise


  1. What beautiful pieces you have. I love all the hand painted china and especially the roses. The stand table is divine and I am sure can be used in many spaces in your home. I am so glad you came by my blog, My Old Historic House for a visit, and especially glad you left a nice comment. I am your newest follower and hope to visit you more often. Same goes with me, please drop by again soon. I hope you are enjoying this beautiful fall day, it is just beautiful here in Missouri. I send you big Sissy Dog kisses and a fond good bye. Richard

  2. Ohh la la....I am so happy that you stopped by Jennelise, I'm loving all of your pieces! Your artwork is fabulous as well! Enjoy your evening...xo, Janet

  3. Hi Jennelise, I can't beleive what beautiful treasures your home is filled with, and I love the little Quote above to remind us to always decorate with what we love! Your new art is so delightful! Have a great weekend, XO Christie

  4. All sooo pretty! French romantic is my favorite style too *winks* And I have a very similar plant stand. All of your beautiful floral pieces are so inspiring! Vanna

  5. Gorgeous eye candy photo's and your pastel drawing is fantastic!!


  6. Oooo love all these photos, such beautiful fancy shabby chic decor!!


  7. Love and appreciate all the beautiful and exquisite details, the curves Louis XV of the stand with marble and roses and your new drawing !
    Jennelise , vous êtes une française très raffinée!!!

  8. Chere Jennelise,

    Si jolie, si magnifique!
    Lovely and feminine, and you know I love your illustrations :)

    A beautiful day to you,
    - Irina

  9. So English! Can I have your umbrella, please? x

  10. What a gorgeous post! I love all the romance, I'd love to curl up and never leave. Stunning!

  11. You are so talented! I love your drawings at the end!