Thursday, September 22, 2011

Marie Antoinette

"With the
  and the
 you roam--"

           ~Kylie Johnson
         'Count me the stars'

    I've recently become a little bit obsessed with Marie Antoinette. I've noticed how popular she is throughout the blogging world and have never really understood why. I saw the Sofia Coppola film starring Kirsten Dunst and while I appreciated the beautiful settings and costumes I didn't really feel an emotional connection to the woman. It was the beautiful costumes that actually began my interest and now that I have done more research I feel like I might have been mistaken in my understanding of who she was. I read a quote by one of Marie Antoinette's maids Madame Campan who said this about the Queen: "I who for fifteen years saw her attached to her august consort and her children, kind to her servitors, unfortunately too polite, too simple, too much on an equality with the people of the Court, I cannot bear to see her character reviled. I wish I had a hundred mouths, I wish I had wings and could inspire the same confidence in the truth which is so readily accorded to lies."
In Croker's essays Marie Antoinette is called "one of the purest of human beings" and the author writes that the accusations against her morals are a "gross calumny". I know that history creates personas for its actors and I can't really know for certain the sort of person that she genuinely was, but I feel sadness for her tragic death and for the violence of the time in which she lived. I wanted to celebrate the beauty of Marie Antoinette and so I found some lovely items on etsy to share with you and drew a new picture. I hope you enjoy looking at these beautiful things and will perhaps do a little research of your own about this beautiful lady. Vivre bien et avec amour!

(quotes from

               Drawing by Jennelise

18. Papernosh 
20. Drawing by Jennelise


  1. You drew our beloved Marie Antoinette perfectly with all her splendor.
    Thank you for this beautiful and romantic post.

  2. Oh la la Chere Jennelise!
    Ces images sont si jolies!!
    I didn't know of this other perspective of Marie- Antoinette, thank you for enlightening us...
    Your illustration is inspiring as always!

    A lovely day to you!
    - Irina

  3. Bonjour Jennelise,
    Thank you so much for featuring our lovely Marie Antoinette themed photos in your adorable blog! We are so glad you enjoy our shop on Etsy as much as we do. Come back soon!

    xoxo Jessica & Holly

  4. I adore Marie! And I think she was very much misunderstood and maligned. The very saying "Let them eat cake" Which is so associated with her was never said by her and certainly wasn't her opinion of how her people should be treated either. I feel that those nasty gossips slander lasts to this day...and that's very sad. I wish more had been written about the real Marie. But I do go on.......I love your drawing of Marie and I hope you don't mind if I add it to my "Marie" Board on pinterest? Vanna

  5. What a lovely blog thank you for adding my Rosey Marie Blue Bird image!

  6. What a lovely post. You always have such nice and beautiful posts ! You did the drawing ? It's beautiful ! I saw Sophie Coppola's movie too and I really liked this movie.

  7. Gorgeous blog! I'm so happy I can view this finally! Thanks for including my photo :D

  8. Thankyou everyone! I loved looking for beautiful Marie things on Etsy! There were so many! I appreciate all of your sweet compliments. Take care!