Monday, March 12, 2012

Beautiful Boxes

"A box without hinges, key, or lid,
yet golden treasure inside is hid."
               ~J.R.R. Tolkien

    Life is busy and chaotic lately! My family and I are beginning to grasp just how much work goes into planning a wedding. We are still in the deciding stages of things, but it is all very exciting! (In case you missed my previous post my sister is getting married in June!) At any rate there is a lot to do and not much time to do it, which means that I haven't had a lot of chances to take new pictures to post! I thought today I would share a small collection of photos - some of which are new and others which are older - that all featured boxes! I love boxes - I always gravitate towards them when I am shopping whether they are cardboard, china, glass, wooden, etc. I think they are lovely! I have boxes filled with birthday and christmas cards, childhood memorabilia (such as a frame made of macaroni, a stop sign I made in kindergarten that says 'SOTP' - I've learned to spell since then - my university graduation cap, paper dolls and much, much more), boxes with stationery, stickers and clippings, jewelry, odds and ends, and whatever else I want to tuck neatly away. My closet is full of boxes and still manages to look pretty and well organized. I am also posting a second picture I was commissioned to draw for a friend called 'Poppies'. Hope everyone is having a wonderful monday!

I am joining these blog parties today:
Show Off Your Cottage Monday
Masterpiece Monday

Drawing by Jennelise


  1. Oh my gosh your photographs are amazing! I love love love your boxes, your teacup, doilie, more gorgeous boxes, your drawing - so lovely it is just awesome!

    As for your sister's wedding, what FUN! It will be so beautiful, cannot WAIT to hear/see/learn more about it! YAY!!! My best to her and her beau, always.


  2. I love beautiful boxes too...have them everywhere :)
    Yours are gorgeous (adore the teacup), and I am so drawn to the "book" one with a key on the pretty!
    Love the new illustration too :)
    - Irina

  3. Your photos and the subjects are gorgeous! I love each and everyone. Good luck in planning for your sister's wedding. I had 3 children and took part in planning all 3. I know how much work it takes but it is always fun....Christine

  4. You've got the eye, Jennelise...both with the camera and how to stage; all so lovely and so beautifully presented. Thank you for sharing your special treasures with us. It's so pleasing coming here and being treated to such delights for the eyes. Comforting, like a reward, at the end of a long, sometimes preoccupying and hard day. A reward with zero calories!

  5. Pure eye candy~ just gorgeous! Best wishes for the wedding planning!

  6. Oh how beautiful~you have some wonderful rose china too and your dresser pot made me gasp too...i love the box full of millinery and ribbons.
    Weddings are fun but so much work has to be done,enjoy your time planning together x

  7. Que belas caixas. Fotos e acessórios lindos. Casamentos, mesmo com todo o trabalho é sempre uma recompensa. Felicidades.

    Lauriane - Brasil

    blog -

  8. Hi Jennelise,
    These are so pretty! I love boxes, all kinds, especially the leaded glass ones! Your photos and styling is impeccable as always.
    The link is open, and we'd love to have you join the party!

  9. Oh, your boxes are so beautiful! I collect them also... I especially love to find old ones with tattered and worn edges hat need a bit of TLC. True vintage ones are getting virtually impossible to find; but there are some new ones with the "vintage" look that are quite pretty! Thanks for sharing your magnificent photos!

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