Monday, March 19, 2012

Vintage Accessories

"Let us not be too particular. It is
better to have old second-hand
diamonds than none at all."
               ~Mark Twain

     If I had the choice between brand new jewelry and vintage pieces I would always take the latter! There is something about antique jewelry - the styles, the settings, and the colors - that appeals to me so much more than what I see in jewelry stores today. I work in an antique store so there are plenty of opportunities to gaze longingly at beautiful old jewelry. I also watch BBC period shows like Downton Abbey or films like Gosford Park and Easy Virtue, and spend half the time staring at the beautiful jewelry the characters are wearing. I love the elegance of vintage accessories and the unabashed femininity! Little beaded purses for the evening, diamonds and pearls in delicate designs, sparkling rhinestones, silk gloves, and dainty rings. I think they are all lovely! I hope you like these few photos honoring pretty vintage accessories and maybe the next time you find yourself in a fleamarket or antique store the case filled with a jumble of sparkling old jewels and baubles will catch your eye!

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Drawing by Jennelise


  1. Jennelise,
    The black purse and the diamond ring remind me my mom's black purse and diamond earrings. When she passed away, they were handed down to me. I will cherish them forever. You always have the most unique and beautiful treasures.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  2. This is another beautiful post, Jennelise. I like the way you display all the pretty pieces in each photo. The white beaded evening bag is one of my favorite things. It causes me to wonder about the wonderful parties or events where the bag was carried. I also like the history behind antique and vintage jewelry. Have a wonderful week!!----------- Shannon

  3. Oh my gosh.

    Talk about serious eye candy, WOW!!!!!

    You sure know how to blog, gal - what beauty, sheesh.

    Love your artwork too, you are amazing!

  4. Where to much to ooh and aah over. The Gucci/Prada drawing is so chic. I love the way the jewelry drips down the lamp shade; the gold of the pocket watch/locket against the gold-trimmed, lidded jar; the diamond ring revealed from the blooming rose, however, has to be my favorite. Jennelise, you are so very clever with your eye temptations!

  5. OMG, this is such a beautiful post and should be in a magazine.
    I'm in love with everything and I'm with you on the vintage over the new.

    Lovely photos too.


  6. Just gorgeous!! I'll take vintage any day over new.
    Happy to be a new follower, Mary Alice

  7. What beautiful acessories, each one is lovely.

  8. Hi Jennelise,
    What gorgeous photos! I love the diamond ring and the white clutch bag! The little floral jar is stunning and oh my, there is just so much prettiness here! Thank you for sharing and for visiting. Happy Spring!


  9. Jennelise....Love each of your beautiful photos. Each of the antique jewelry pieces and how you have displayed them is simply stunning. And how fun it is that you are working in the antiques shop and can find so many gorgeous things. They must be elated to have you there for your great sense of style and the softness of your displays. What amazing talent you have!!

  10. As always, gorgeous photos & I'm with you I love antique jewellery! Pop over to my blog when you have a spare minute & check out the new look!

  11. First of all...LOVE this drawing, dear Jennelise! Oh, she is fabulous.
    And beautiful pieces and photos, the styling is so gorgeous. I have a weakness for those mosaic pieces!
    - Irina

  12. Nice post! I liked the way you get to the point - which is always useful. Most blogs are a bit too verbiose for me, this one fits nicely. Cheers!
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