Sunday, May 12, 2013

Little Things About Me

"To be oneself, simply oneself,
is so amazing and an utterly unique
experience that it's hard to convince
oneself so singular a thing happens 
to everybody." 
           ~Simone de Beauvoir

     I have embarked on a mission to rediscover what makes me ME. It's so easy to lose sight of yourself and start to let little wondering thoughts creep in about your tastes, desires, dreams - till you find you're asking that one overwhelming question: who am I? Sometimes I look around in the midst of the everyday bustle and start to wonder. It's natural, it's inevitable, and it happens to everyone I'm sure - even the most confident self-secure people must have moments when they feel a little lost or bewildered. Those are the moments when our eyes turn inward and we take the time to really look and, more importantly, to see. When we can say honestly and I hope tenderly "how are you really Jenny?" (that would be me but of course you can insert your own name). I had one of those moments this week (okay several) and went about doing things that would help me answer those questions. Of course I ended up doing the things that in general tend to pick up my spirits and these few random pictures were born! I hope you are taking the time to appreciate who you are and nurture the parts of yourself that need a little extra love. Try to remember that you are special, unique, and beautiful in ways that only you can be!

I obtained special permission to have prints made of my Mum's 'about me' collage. They are so cute! 


  1. Thanks for sharing and I think that you're right...sometimes we all do feel a little bit lost. We just have to figure out the way home again. Love your pictures! xo

  2. wonderful and lovely pics! great items! It´s so easy to get a little lost sometimes, but always so nice to find the real self, after a while.
    oh how i love those furnitures!

  3. Que preciosos tesoros! saludos , Rose Marie

  4. Hi, Jenn. Outstanding post. A bit unusual and different subject matter this time around; so sweet and toasty warm. I agree with you. In our busy, busy lives, we often tend to lose sight about who and what we're all about. It's important to stop, think, feel, take a deep, deep breath and refocus from time to time and become comfortably grounded in our own skin, in a manner of speaking.

    And that wall clock. Be still my heart! I am soooooo loving it! Where did you purchase it? Please say it's available in the states. I'll turn every store upside down on its head to locate it. I hope it's not one of a kind.

    And your photos - it goes without saying. Soft and charming, like stepping into another world. A kinder, gentler world.

    Thank you, Jenn. You've left me smiling.

  5. A wise and beautiful post, dear Jennelise...
    I think it is imperative to take time to re-connect with ourselves, and "check in " with our soul on a regular (if not daily) basis...
    Your photos are sublime...
    (Don't you just love that Rose yummy)

    And how kind of your Mum to share her collage! It's gorgeous and delicious!
    Hugs and wishes for a glorious weekend,
    - Irina