Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Vintage Treasures

"Not all treasure is silver and gold..."
              ~Jack Sparrow

    I have added a new section to my Etsy Shop!! I am excited to announce the addition of 'VINTAGE TREASURES' to the Jennelise Rose treasure chest. If you are a regular follower of my blog you may recognize a few of the pretties I have listed from posts that I have done. I will be adding more treasures in the coming weeks. Here is a preview of what is listed now! Be sure to visit! 

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  1. Your treasures are absolutely gorgeous.

  2. You have described my life perfectly!! Love all feminine things. We should be sisters!! Thank you for sharing what you love!

  3. Hi Jennelise, I adore your blog!
    Full of prettiness, romance, lace and roses... and I love your artwork.
    This post is just lovely. Love all your vintage treasures!
    Wishing you a beautiful day, Angela

  4. Hi, Jenn! Bought the May issue of Creating Vintage Charm. Solely because of your feature story, this mag is going to be a keeper. Nicely written (from the heart) and the photography is first-class. I am duly impressed. I also will be following your ever-expanding Etsy business (which I'm sure it will be.) I love, love, love your "gold" framed mirror. I would buy that and your "stop watch" clock which you featured a couple of blogs ago in an instant. Keeping an eye out on fabulous finds and good taste won't be too difficult with you as a guiding force.

    Thank you so much and as always, take care.

  5. Ok, how will you part with all of these lovelies??! :)
    I am hopping over now to see the new addition..exciting!
    A lovely weekend to you, sweet Jennelise...
    - Irina

  6. I can’t help myself but sigh. I’m inlove I guess with those lovely vintage collections of yours. I feel like crying coz’ I’m dying to have just one piece of it. Mind if I take one home? Please? Just kidding! But honestly, your collections are great and stunning! Hope to see more of it! God Bless!

    Elizabeth from Online PhD

  7. So lovely, Jennelise. Those delicate lace collars are fabulous.
    I've got to check out your Etsy!