Monday, January 23, 2012

My Nana's Home

"It is as grandmothers that our mothers
come into the fullness of their grace."
                ~Christopher Morley

    My Grandparents - or Nana and Grandad as I have always called them - were born and grew up in England. My Mother was born in Hull Yorkshire and as a family they immigrated to Canada when she was four. My Nana has often felt homesick over the years and has travelled back to England often. She likes to have more traditional things around her in her home and there is a real English influence in her style. I went to my Grandparents house last week to take some pictures of my Nana's things  - she loves warm woods, bright colors, and LOTS of flowers! Because it is winter most of her flowers are artificial, but when spring arrives there will be bouquets of fresh flowers in every available vase! My Nana loves comfort and more than anything she wants her rooms to be places where her family are comfortable gathering together and visiting. I have had Christmas there all my life! Mostly I have taken photos of all her little treasures  - her flowers, ornaments, jewelry, and all of the pretty things that I have come to think of as uniquely her over the years. I hope you enjoy these few glimpses into my Nana's home...

Drawing by Jennelise


  1. What beautiful photographs and romantic table settings! Loving those roses...I can smell them from here!


  2. What lovely things...she obviously has a wonderful sense of the beautiful.

  3. Such beautiful items your dear nana has in her home ;) once again your pic's are simply beautiful ;)


  4. What a gorgeous mix of flowers, china, jewlery, so pretty! Thanks so much for your visit, such a wonderful blog you have!

  5. What gorgeous pictures of your Nana's home. She definitely has style and class! My maternal grandparent's were from England as well and immigrated to Canada. Lots of British influence in my family growing up and in my home now as well. Cherish your grandparents while you still have them...mine are all gone now and I miss them! ~Stacy~ xo

  6. What beautiful treasures she has! Your drawings are adorable!

  7. Oh, so, lovely things, Jennelise. I can see where your feminine style stems from. And, the blooms are very lifelike!

    Wishing you a beautiful day,
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  8. I'm glad you all liked the photos! Honestly my Nana and Grandad's house has been so much a part of my life growing up and now that it almost feels like a second home. :) I love to be there and I wanted so much to share a little bit of my lovely Nana with you. I read her some of your sweet comments and she was so surprised and pleased by them! Thankyou again!

  9. I'm just discovering you wonder blog (thanks to pinterest) and it's georgeous. Thank you for the picture the drawings and the poesy.

  10. It's so pretty. I don't know if I would have noticed the flowers were not real if you'd not said! Definately, you got your love of pretties from your Nana...

  11. That was such a treat! Thank you...and your nana...for sharing the lovely possessions (artfully arranged and just dripping with beauty). I think you must be three generations of genteel women. I am interested in the rose(?) glassware and decanter. My mother has something similar and she's, no doubt, of your nana's era/age. Is it used for something like sherry? After-dinner liqueurs? Please forgive my ignorance. But I've always wondered what my mom's little rosey glasses' history might have been before she happened on to them.

  12. Afterthoughts: I think it's so nice that you're a girl who loves "home" and her family. It's a common theme in so many of your posts, which speaks well of you (you've been able to prioritize the right things from an early age!). As another commenter said, do treasure all of your moments with your grandparents; and ask a lot of questions, learn about your genealogy, get their oral histories of the life they've lived (take good notes!). All of my grandparents were deceased by the time I was the age of 8 and it's been a big hole; I would have loved to have had a living grandpa and nana of my own, and know about their childhoods and other relatives; the surroundings in which they "grew up," along with their young adulthood adventures...and, you know, people who are aging ("Seniors," elderly folks), love to know that their stories and lessons are of value; they like to tell their stories and share their memories. It's very validating for anyone who has amassed a few years here on Earth, to look back on those years and be able to tell the tale of their life and to know they counted.

    I don't know much about Canada but I'd make the easy guess that English and French heritage is probably common in so many Canadians. Wonderful influences in lifestyle, home decor and accoutrements, such as the fine china. Is your charming drawing a British-inspired house? Something of the English countryside? Our little renovated bungalow here in the U.S. is, according to the architect and my research, a 1923 Cotswold cottage with the accompanying Norman/French roof. It is my understanding that similar cottages are seen dotted in the Cotswold hills (the "heart" of England), somewhat altered in design over centuries due to the conquering French who at one time invaded (and stayed) in west/central Britain, wanting their new homes in England to have something of the architecture with which they were familiar in France. Our tiny house has lots of mullioned (I think the proper term is "gridded") windows as you show on the house of your cozy drawing. Just wondering!

  13. Oh my! I am not sure what is more wonderful, your Nana's lovely home, your photography skills or your artistic talent. Well done!

  14. What a lovely place! So inspiring and girly! Hope you are feeling better dear this week! xx

  15. What beautiful things your Nana has in here home. You must feel so loved and secure there. So many treasures! The little gold trinket box with the cherubs is my favorite.
    We'd love to have you link up and share this post with us at WIW.
    Hope you can make it!
    Big hugs,

  16. I already love your Nana too. She has taught you so well. What a gracious lovely lady she must be.


  17. Jennelise first thank you so much for your sweet comment...second what a feminine you just killed me with those pink flower lace crystals well it so feminine so pretty im your newest follower
    P.S: if you can write in bigger font would be asier for us to read thx :)

  18. Wow! Three generations of frilly, lacy, pinkness!