Saturday, January 7, 2012

Silver and Rose

"Tell me how many beads there are
In a silver chain
Of evening rain..."
        ~Thomas Lovell Beddoes

   I have always loved warmer colors - pink, green, ivory. Shades of blue and purple aren't my favorite because I have always thought they were a bit cool. Still - those pale lavenders, robin's egg, greys, and shimmering silvers can be very beautiful in a room, even a little magical, when they find themselves in the company of well-loved objects and welcoming settings. Sometimes adding something to a room that has a bit of sheen can bring other colors into brighter relief. I have seen many gorgeous photos of homes with predominantly white furnishings and textiles and then here and there you see bright floral arrangements, mercury glass, and unframed mirrors. The silver and the roses make the white seem even more pure and refined. Years ago I started collecting little silver frames. I had no idea where I was going to put them because I tend to have objects and accessories that are a bit more gold, but they were just so exquisite! I couldn't pass them by. They sit next to pink flowers and china trays and it doesn't even matter that they don't match. My eye goes to them and all I see is that little bit of sparkle that makes everything around it prettier. Here are a few photos I have taken of silver things among, inevitably, my roses. Enjoy!

Today I am linking with Pink Saturday and Show and Tell Friday.

Drawing by Jennelise


  1. All so lovely. The photos with the lit votives came out beautifully. I love the rhinestones (bling!). I have several pieces from an auntie which I believe date to the 1930s-1940s era and I have enjoyed wearing them for appropriate "dressy" occasions over the years. The costume jewelry made in those years has really fine craftsmanship.

  2. How lovely your post is!! Beautiful for PINK Saturday!Pretty vignettes of treasures...
    Happy New Year and so happy you stopped by my blog:))

    Kay Ellen

  3. Your post is so pretty to look at...I love the silver, pearls and roses! Your drawing is lovely! Gorgeous for Pink Saturday! Hope you will visit Magnolia Cottage!


  4. Hi Jennelise, thank you for visiting my blog. I'm glad you did otherwise I might not have seen your beautiful blog. I love love love your style. The silver pieces and jewelry look so pretty with the lace and roses. I will look forward to your future posts. Come back to visit my blog anytime.--------- Shannon

  5. Oh my, this is gorgeous. I love every bit of it, especially the candle holder and the compact. Simply lovely. Haven't seen such a pretty sidebar in a long time either.
    Clicked on your google follow and look forward to visiting.
    HPS (guess the S can stand for Sunday too). ;)
    Much love,

  6. What a beautiful post and beautiful blog! Love the silver and bling and roses together...breathtaking! Happy Pink Saturday!

  7. Love your post. Love the jewelry. Love the sparkles and the pink! Happy Pink Saturday! Pat

  8. What a beautiful blog you have.
    And you have a great eye for decorations and placement too for sure.
    I love your old jewelery with silver pieces the most.

  9. Perfectly exquisite PINK post! Oh, the eye candy...
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  10. Once again, I marvel at your photos... their beauty is breathtaking. Happy (belated) Pink Saturday! :)

  11. What a gorgeous collection of "eye-candy" you have!! The pinks with the old silver, mirrors and jewelry are wonderful together. Yes, a bit of BLING will catch the eye and just seems to make everything so rich and have a talent for display and photographing, too.
    Thanks for sharing...I just came across your blog, but I marked it so I can return each Saturday.....
    Belated happy Pink Saturday!!
    Francy (Yasmin)

  12. Jennelise, it seems like your gorgeous illustrations should accompany a storybook. You write so well; why not make a book, words to accompany your drawings, just like lyrics to music. Perhaps a children's or preteen book series...I can just see a book with fantasy and whimsy or even everyday adventures for a character who is fanciful and dreamy, like the girl we see in several of your drawings. Give her a name and a life! Maybe she's a modern-day princess. I'm thinking of Madeline, Eloise, Angelina Ballerina. Many books can spring from one image; a heroine or fun character from which all stories are born (accompanied by amazing drawings...yours!). People will say, "oh, it's so hard to get published." Don't give up before you ever start, that's what I say, and one can always self-publish in this day and age, where perhaps you could get good visibility, i.e. your etsy store. I remember reading somewhere that you were in touch with a printer: I can just see your illustrations accompanying beautiful pink journals, notecards, calendars. Think Big; your illustrations are "top drawer." Your "girl" character could show up in all kinds of stuff (a "brand"). Maybe you could be an illustrator for an upscale greeting card company if you didn't want to self-market. With your talent, and a little research (who is your target buyer; age group, where they purchase, etc.), your future with just your drawings alone is bright!

  13. Love the photos you have posted--the mercury candlestick with the crystals is so pretty. I want one! Where did you find it?

  14. Your photos are stunningly beautiful! I love all the mercury glass. Anything sparkly captures heart.


  15. Love your silver and rose. Even though I'm a gold girl myself, I even like to mix it up sometimes with both at the same time.Lovely post as always.
    Don't forget to link!

  16. Found you through pinterest! What a lovely assortment of treasures and photos. Thank you!! V