Friday, July 11, 2014


"My bedroom is my sanctuary."
                    ~Vera Wang

   There have been some recent changes in my bedroom! You may have noticed already but my Mum and I have the same taste in decorating. To be honest we probably have the same taste in just about everything really (movies and music being the possible exception - unless of course we're talking about Taylor Swift and then we are both so there and I mean a fangirl t-shirts, red lipstick, dancing in our seats, singing at the top of our lungs, meet me after midnight in the pouring rain, kind of thing). Which means that occasionally we do trade some treasures back and forth if one of us has something that the other might like more. For example - I really wanted/needed a dresser for my bedroom and my Mum has been coveting my little french desk since I bought it so voila! She gave me a beautiful French Provincial dresser that matches my three panelled vanity mirror perfectly and I (with a few tears) gave her my little desk. (Stay tuned for pictures of what she did with it - coming soon!). I am very happy with the way the dresser looks and I love the soft colours. Tell me what you think! 
P.S. As always there are a few new goodies in the Etsy Shop!

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  1. Simply stunning Jennelise, I love your new pretty dresser, wow it can't believe how beautifully the mirror and the dresser go together...;-)


  2. I am drooling over your dresser and mirror. Beautiful. I always loved the French provincial style.

  3. This is just lovely--that dresser looks perfect in your bedroom!

  4. Simplesmente linda sua comoda, você tem o gosto muito parecido com o meu, adoro seu estilo romântico. Beijos

  5. It's a fabulous piece Jennelise and your winged mirror is perfect on top. l love how pretty and romantic it looks in the room and your gorgeous pics show it off to perfection.

  6. Beautiful dresser with 5 drawers, giving you ample storage. But I did so like your little French desk. I thought it was rather unique (sigh). The nice thing about it is you can swing by your Mom's room and say "hi" once in a while.

  7. It looks gorgeous, Jennelise. I thought it came as one piece! A perfect match, and so beautifully accessorized, too. It's an easy swap when both of you have such magnificent taste.