Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Flowers

"In the summertime when the 
weather is high you can stretch
right up and touch the sky."

   It reached thirty degrees today and my body is not used to the heat! It feels a little like our seasons went from winter straight to summer with no spring in between. I went to bed one night with the cold air and a colourless scene and woke up to find it warm and green outside! I am not complaining - I love summer and I hope that it lasts well into September this year. I went out early this morning and took a few photos to share with you. Here is a little iron garden bench (it is small enough to be a child's bench) with a floral arrangement that I recently put together after I found this beautiful antique pitcher. I hope you are all having a lovely warm summer wherever you might be! 

There are new treasures in the Etsy Shop so be sure to have a look! Here's a little sneak preview:


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  1. Such gorgeous flowers Jennelise and I'm going to pop over to your Etsy shop and see your listings now! xoxo, Janet

  2. Such a sweet little bench.....the blooms are just sooooooo incredibly beautiful too!!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog to chat :o)

  3. Simply stunning blooms Jennelise, you take such gorgeous pic's ;-)


  4. "in the summertime..." from a song written by Ray Dorsett and sung by Mongo Jerry's a catchy tune !
    Your photos are lovely, romantic and sweet. Everything I love !

  5. Oh such a pretty vase, flowers, little iron scrolly bench, and pictures!

  6. So beautiful, I like all :) thanks for stopping by :)

  7. Beautiful flowers and pitcher. Enjoy your wonderful weather and thanks so much for stopping by!

  8. How beautiful to see your lovely Summertime pics, your peonies are amazing....your etsy shop is always stocked with gorgeous items. So glad you're enjoying some warm weather Jennelise, of course it's so cold here.... brrrrrhh, but that's ok it'll pass:-) Have a wonderful weekend.