Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer Cream

"Summer, after all, is a time
when wonderful things can 
happen to quiet people..."
           ~Deb Caletti

    I know you have probably been wondering where I disappeared to. I have been quite miserable with a flu bug for the past two weeks and not able to do much of anything! (It seems to me that flu bugs shouldn't exist during summertime! It's all wrong!)  I am on the mend now though (Thank heavens!) and trying to get into summer mode! Having lost two weeks it really does feel like summer has crept up on me. I am looking forward to doing all of the things I love to do during this season though! I haven't had the chance to take many pictures lately but I have lots of ideas and hopefully I will be able to get out and do some of them soon. In the meantime here are some photos of new treasures in the Etsy Shop (my family have been helping me keep it up!) and some of a little nightstand that was a recent vintage find! I hope you all have marvellous summer plans (share them with me! - I like to live vicariously:) and that your week is full of sunshine and fun!


  1. Jennelise, I happy to hear your feeling better! Your items are just beautiful...
    Loveeee your new vintage night stand, it's so pretty and perfect in your home ;-)


  2. Everything is so beautiful! I love your floral print in the gorgeous frame. I wish I could keep my nightstands simple like that but I always overdo the knick knacks!

    1. I have plenty of little treasures sitting about as well! I have paired it down over the years but that doesn't mean I have stopped collecting! Thankyou for stopping by!

  3. I have been checking every day waiting for a post and eagerly waiting for your beautiful pictures of your home and flowers and china and items for your shop. Totally selfish I know, especially since you were sick! Glad you are getting better. The little chest is so pretty! The little tea pot and the cup/saucer are so nice! I am like Victoria and like to add more pretty things than probably a table needs. Especially my magazines and all of the books I am currently reading or will be reading!

  4. Hi Karen! I'm sorry it took me so long! I'm finally on the mend now and I am working on ideas for summer photos and treasures for the shop. Thankyou for your kind words and support - they mean a lot to me! I like to have something beautiful to look at wherever my eyes turn :) That is definitely my passion!